Let the silence speaks.

You don’t need to speak any word when silence begans to speak. Let the silence speaks for you sometime because it is important in such a conditions where people don’t think you are capable enough to do that thing and they try to let you down at that time silence works for you. Your silence gives answer to others instead of you.

You know what friends this is my personal experience and observation that whenever someone is trying to do something different and unique for themselves, all the time some others will be there to demotivate you and to make you sad and weak but what they want? They want your answers in return that you speaks desperately about your dreams, your achievements, everything that you are doing and working on it but in my way you don’t need to speak anything because you know what at that time your silence gives answer to others. At time time you should realize that you are going to make it because you have that temperament and focus.

People get desperate when you don’t give any answer to them and let them speaks, they get more and more curious to know about you and your life because they scares because they know you are different and no-one can stop you. So don’t prove yourself to anyone else because you don’t need to. Let your silence gives answer on behalf of you. Let your silence speaks because your silence has an unbeatable power that you don’t have. Let the powerful silence comes to play for you sometime than you will see the difference.

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