Just only paper work makes education system down.

Education system is all about including all the factors of a good education which involves practical works, activities, mental care and everything more and more.

But what’s going on in the education system at most of the schools and institutions. Just pressurize the students for preparing papers material and work. As we all know that paper work is also a part of education but to pressurize the students and to only focused on the education system that is the point to be taken serious. Most of the schools around the world want the students to prepare paper work.

There should be major steps to be taken –

Schools and institutions have to think about that what is more important for the students best future. May be more and more paper work just take away the hidden talent in the students.

If you are a parent than ever thing depends on you. You should be careful about your child activities. Try to understand your child and explore the quality that your child has.

The countries who are suffering through such an education system policy, the government and ministry should be more aware about the students future. And need to make changes according to the same way. There are many countries who are suffering through all this process such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

We all do have the responsibility of the students future because when we got pass out than we didn’t think about other students but that is completely unfair because we can also make the changes if we want. So always be aware .

Education system is a complex version for students just the institutions makes it look like easy and fun but true story is quite different.

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