Let’s get sports..

When I talk about sports there is much and more to talk about it. Sport means a leadership, sportsmanship, companionship, skipper, team work, togetherness, and many more . Sports has no limits of fun, joy, entertainment, mental activeness, etc.

Sports means a lot to the people who loves it, it has different means to everyone and every nation. For some countries sport is like a religion, for some it’s a huge craze, for some it’s a reason of happiness and fun. Sport is itself an enormous world which consists many of sports which you guys can be taken as the countries of this new world. Spectator is everything in sports, without them any sport is incomplete.

Everyone has its own favourite sport as such cricket, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, track and field events and many more. Sports fan makes this field so interesting to follow, if I talk about me , I can talk about sports whole day and can watch it as well.

Sport is like a friend with benefits to all of us. Including yourself in any sports will never harm you, it will always give you something like physical fitness, mental fitness, leadership quality built in you, teaches you how to work as a team, makes you internally strong, gives you happiness and many .

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New hopes give you new birth.

What happens when you don’t have any hope to live for? You feel like this is the end of your life, nothing to get. And we all don’t want it, we all want a happy life, real life and a successful life.

when you have hopes what happens to you than?

Hopes bring a new confidence to you and you work hard to achieve what you want to .

Hopes work as a motivator for you because when you have hopes you have target and when you have target than you want to achieve that target .

New hopes give you new birth because when you don’t have any way than you feel sad and don’t want to live but new hopes give you a new energy and power to live here happily.

When you have hopes than you become so excited and work freely all the day.

It happens to everyone at a time in this life where we feel we are hopeless, there is no any other way to go but that’s not true, just relax and wait , a new hope is ready to comes to you to give you new you.

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Just only paper work makes education system down.

Education system is all about including all the factors of a good education which involves practical works, activities, mental care and everything more and more.

But what’s going on in the education system at most of the schools and institutions. Just pressurize the students for preparing papers material and work. As we all know that paper work is also a part of education but to pressurize the students and to only focused on the education system that is the point to be taken serious. Most of the schools around the world want the students to prepare paper work.

There should be major steps to be taken –

Schools and institutions have to think about that what is more important for the students best future. May be more and more paper work just take away the hidden talent in the students.

If you are a parent than ever thing depends on you. You should be careful about your child activities. Try to understand your child and explore the quality that your child has.

The countries who are suffering through such an education system policy, the government and ministry should be more aware about the students future. And need to make changes according to the same way. There are many countries who are suffering through all this process such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

We all do have the responsibility of the students future because when we got pass out than we didn’t think about other students but that is completely unfair because we can also make the changes if we want. So always be aware .

Education system is a complex version for students just the institutions makes it look like easy and fun but true story is quite different.

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Never underestimate yourself.

What most of the people do in their lives is they underestimate themselves. I don’t know why but most of the people do that. That’s very true life is very complicated and unpredictable it does not mean that we should give up. Giving up is not the solution of anything because it on makes you weak internally.

We all have thing unique and different inside us. Yeah that’s hidden but this is also a challenge for all of us to find out that hidden thing inside us. Life is very adventurous, anything can happen here . So how to deal with all of these things, how to make the things in your favor?

The answer is never underestimate yourself, don’t ever forget that you all have some unique power which is your biggest weapon. Know yourself and face everything bravely . Don’t underestimate your power .

Remember one thing that you are Rare and unique enough and that’s all you need to face any trouble so never give up and don’t underestimate yourself.

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Life is like a Marathon race .

Life is Marathon.

The way Atheletes run at a pace in marathon at the same way you should run with a consistent pace in your life.

Never give up is really important in marathon and for the life as well .

Whatever you do never give up complete your task if you started it.

Don’t run too fast at starting otherwise you will face failure.

Patience is another a lesson marathon gives us and we all should be patience in our life.

Be confident enough.

Trust in yourself.

Who follow this path in their lives that will win one-day for sure.

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Say thanks to your haters…..

We all are precious, we all are rare and unique. We all have dreams, and trying to follow our dreams that one day we will achieve it. But are you the only one on your path? This is a big question, are you alone in your way to chase down your dreams? In this blog I will give you the answer of this question so keep reading.

The answer is, NO. You are not alone following your dreams, your haters are right going with you. They always try to chase you down. Your haters follow your every single step. Now, again a big question why they people do so? Why your haters chase you?

They do all these things just to demotivate you. They want you to stop chasing your dreams, they will be there in your way till you don’t give up. Haters try to pull you down.

How to deal with haters? This is very easy and I am sharing this advice because I usually apply it on me all the time. The best way to treat with haters is to take them as a motivation. Every single word ,any activity whatever they do against you, keep motivating yourself. I always do that whenever someone tries to show me down I keep motivate myself inside. I motivate myself. Whenever you feel demotivated or low esteem than remember what your haters trying to do, they want you to give up but you have to go and go ahead.

When you chase down your dreams,success , a appreciable career than firstly thanks to your haters because they are the only one who were always there with you, right. They chased you everywhere, they keep motivated you so who else deserve to be thankful. So say thank you to your haters.

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Music has a power.

Sometime I feel sad, happy, tension, down, low esteem, low energy, helpless and many more. We all go through such a different feelings in your lives . But whose support we wants, family for sure, friends must be there, and music needs a lot.

When we go through any different feelings, we love to listen music. It’s sound like music has a power which helps us a lot. Music makes our mind so fresh and fine, so happy. Music has a power to take us to a new different and a fresh world, where we are the only one and can do anything , can go anywhere, no objections, no reactions and no rejections. Such a great thing about music right.

I personally feel that whenever I feel sad, Music supports me mentally. And yeah whenever I feel so happy I really need music to express myself and to enjoy my self. Sometime, Music makes me realize who am I, and why I am here, and I can do anything so music does motivates me. I don’t know it happens to everybody or not, but it happens to me. I feel that Music is a power generator, that generates a lot of power in me.

Music relax whole body and mind. Sometimes, you just listen to a song, close your eyes, feel that deeply and take a deep breath, that’s it to relax yourself.

If you are happy , Music makes you dance and enjoy your moment and life.

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Hyperness is the main reason that lead you towards mental illness .

We all are Human beings and stress, tension, problems are the parts of our Lives. Whenever we goes through a tough time or any problem often we get hyper. Hyperness leads you to take wrong decision in your life. Whenever you get hyper, your mind stops working and you feel that like someone is killing you inside which makes your mind weak and ill . This blog is all about hyperness and it’s effect .

What to do to protect yourself from hyper ness?

Hyperness comes when problems, tough time, stress comes to you so how to deal with this? To protect yourself from hyper ness, remember whenever any problem comes to you, you have to deal actively with that, just sit silent and relax for a moment, think about all the aspects of the situation than comes to a conclusion, this will help you to protect you from Hyperness.

Don’t overreact – Often it happens to us whenever we come to know any unexpected news, our mind just stop working, we react over. And that over react makes us feel like this a problem that don’t have any solution but that’s not true every problem has a solution if we want to. So , don’t over react at any situation because it makes your mind less active and more over reacted. And you all want to stay mentally strong.

Relax and enjoy – Whenever you feel that you are getting hyper than relax immediately and find a way to enjoy and feel calm. Listen music, do whatever makes you feel happy and calm.

Hyperness is something that we all take it very light in our lives, even we don’t have any idea that it may also be a reason for mental illness. Stay free from Hyperness and stay mentally fit and healthy.

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I want justice.

Today I am very broken because of the injustice happened to me. I am Parul Chauhan, student of journalism and mass communication, today my result of 5th semester has been declared and I got completely shocked and broken inside because the exams I attended by myself and I do have a proof also that I attended my whole exams but the result shows me absent and absent in all exams instead of marks. This is completely a injustice and a corruption. I want you to all to please help me to get justice. Please support me. There are not one or two,there are 4 exams that I attended and gave by myself and my result shows absent in there.

Appreciation is inspiration.

Appreciation is an inspiration, we all work hard and dedicate ourselves toward our work so that we get an appreciation and that appreciation becomes our Inspiration. This blog is all about how appreciation works, if you appreciate someone’s work. Let’s see.

If you really like someone’s work than there is no any problem to appreciate that because your appreciation gives motivation to work more hard. Appreciation is an inspiration to work dedicately .

When we start any business, work, job or anything we all work hard but when we get an appreciation it inspires us to do more and more. So that’s why, if you like someone’s work than there is nothing wrong to appreciate, you appreciation can be an inspiration to others.

Inspiration is something we all need to do something in your lives, and your appreciation can gives inspiration to others to do something in their lives.

Appreciation becomes inspiration.

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