New hopes give you new birth.

What happens when you don’t have any hope to live for? You feel like this is the end of your life, nothing to get. And we all don’t want it, we all want a happy life, real life and a successful life.

when you have hopes what happens to you than?

Hopes bring a new confidence to you and you work hard to achieve what you want to .

Hopes work as a motivator for you because when you have hopes you have target and when you have target than you want to achieve that target .

New hopes give you new birth because when you don’t have any way than you feel sad and don’t want to live but new hopes give you a new energy and power to live here happily.

When you have hopes than you become so excited and work freely all the day.

It happens to everyone at a time in this life where we feel we are hopeless, there is no any other way to go but that’s not true, just relax and wait , a new hope is ready to comes to you to give you new you.

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My this blog is all about sadness. Sadness don’t let you do anything, it makes you the worse person in the world, you seems yourself most useless person in your life. Sadness makes you mentally weak and you feel that you are not strong enough. Sadness let you down in your own perspective, it makes you stop and let you realize that you don’t have any way to go. Sadness has its own impact on everyone’s life.

Being sad, you being annoying, you being bad, you being weak . We all try to stay away from this sadness, but it catches us.

Pretend to be happy is not any solution of sadness.

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