Hard truths so hard to even think about it . Before we make the decision to speak them we got worried and stressed , find hard even more hard to speak the real truth because the fear doest not allow us to make the hard truth comes out .

Life is mysterious even we don’t know what happens next to us but we moved on. Some time, some moments becomes your biggest guilt of your life and you find it hard to get rid off it but you can’t, I guess the only way to make your guilt away is to speak it out whether that is very very hard you find to tell it, but you have to because it’s the only way you feel better and proud of you.

I know that hard truth comes out so harsh even for your whole life , some times it may close all the doors for you but you can’t hide it because it is even more hard and remains always with you, it will follow you for your whole life even at the end of your life it will hurt you. Than why not speak it out whether you loose some one you love most but this is life such hard things happens to you but you know what if you speak that harsh, killer, hardest truth you will be free and not be guilty anymore, at least you can face yourselves proudly and with the satisfaction that you don’t have any thing hidden behind your face. When you look at yourself in mirror you find yourself free and loyal. That’s hard to be with reality and truth but if you are than you will be a proud person , not for anyone but for you.

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Let’s make the things ‘ good for you ‘ .

You are sitting at a place, relaxing yourself, try to make your mind fresh and comfortable, suddenly some things means anything happens to you that you are not prepared for it than what to do? That’s exactly a point we always think about but never comes to any answer, which gives you internal satisfaction.

If any kind of thing happens to you than you have to always remember one thing that whatever is happening that is may be not in your control but you can make that situation, possibilities , conditions good for you.

Never comes to a decision to fast and never too slow just give some time to yourself to think about all the perspectives. Because sometimes may be you could miss the good thing for you and if you think that may be this is not good for you than don’t drop that immediately try to make it good for you and even then if it’s not working than you know better what to do

It also happens to me even many times and everytime I took my decisions immediately, that’s created many troubles for me then after I realise that I was wrong at my decision making but the good thing I did was I tried to make the things good for me. But this time everything has been changed for me again I got a situation , I gave a full time to myself to think about everything that why this is happening to me?, is this good for me? What should I do? Every question I asked my self and I got all the answers by myself and I made my decision and than I made the things good for me. And you know what friends this is working , now I am enjoying what I am doing and I am happy with my decision making.

Never be too fast and never too slow. Do it when the correct time comes.

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Let’s get sports..

When I talk about sports there is much and more to talk about it. Sport means a leadership, sportsmanship, companionship, skipper, team work, togetherness, and many more . Sports has no limits of fun, joy, entertainment, mental activeness, etc.

Sports means a lot to the people who loves it, it has different means to everyone and every nation. For some countries sport is like a religion, for some it’s a huge craze, for some it’s a reason of happiness and fun. Sport is itself an enormous world which consists many of sports which you guys can be taken as the countries of this new world. Spectator is everything in sports, without them any sport is incomplete.

Everyone has its own favourite sport as such cricket, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, track and field events and many more. Sports fan makes this field so interesting to follow, if I talk about me , I can talk about sports whole day and can watch it as well.

Sport is like a friend with benefits to all of us. Including yourself in any sports will never harm you, it will always give you something like physical fitness, mental fitness, leadership quality built in you, teaches you how to work as a team, makes you internally strong, gives you happiness and many .

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What a busy day do to you…

A question that never be raised and seems pretty interesting. Yeah! I am talking about the busy days, what the busy day brings and what it does to you. Busy day comes with the all messed up things in your life. Yeah that’s right when you get busy everything get worse and worse and what you trying to do is to just correct all those things. But that the busy day is all about, it is busy that means you don’t have enough time to complete that work or task, so what you people try to do is to do it more and more faster truly.

When it comes to me on the busy days thing than I seriously do not get the things right. I don’t know why but yeah than after I work hard and carefully and make it perfect and good for me so busy day also comes up with the relaxation at the end of the day where I get tired and just want to have a peaceful nap. I also learn a couple of lessons from my busy days thing because it always teaches me something.

What busy day comes up with?

Tiredness which is so true.

Relaxation at the end of the day.

Mess up that you never want but you always have.

Confusion all the time what to do and how to make it?

Short time, just finish the work.

These all factor comes to us and our lives , challenges us but be careful and than do you work or task properly. Stay mentally active and give a proper rest to the body.

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If not today than never.

Some day , one day, tomorrow, other day, next day all these days means some thing special to us right ! But, do these days come again , a big question you need to ask yourself.

For me I guess these all days will never come back again because if not Today than never is the perfect sentence to apply in our lives forever. It doesn’t mean that at all that I didn’t do this that not today, I will do it tomorrow or other day may be, yeah it happens to all of us but we all have to change this because to be with time is the perfect thing to do in the life.

For sometimes and for little work I usually forget to apply this rule but when the time passes rapidly than I just blame myself that why I do that all the time, not applying the important rule and always get in trouble so if you don’t want that trouble than don’t ever forget that of not today, than never!

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I had a dream,

I am in a Paradise.

Feeling myself complete.

No pain, no stress, no worry just me

Feel like my life change and enjoying my new world.

New world, new life and new soul,

New hopes , new nature and new friends .

Getting some moments out there,

Makes me surprised and mesmerized.

Asked myself why this is happening to me?

The answer I recieved was satisfying my soul,

Because it introduces me with me.

– Writen by Parul chauhan.

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Ask questions related mental health, get your Answers.

Information world comes up with the Q&A on mental health. As we are working for a mental health awareness so, information world comes up with the new opportunity for everyone to get the answers of all the questions you have regarding mental health issues.

Ask anything in comment section and the experts will give you the advice on information world.

We will try our best to come up with the solutions and answers that you have been asked.

Mental health is a very serious issue and people don’t talk much about it so please come and talk on information world . This is your chance to ask your questions and problems .

Never underestimate yourself.

What most of the people do in their lives is they underestimate themselves. I don’t know why but most of the people do that. That’s very true life is very complicated and unpredictable it does not mean that we should give up. Giving up is not the solution of anything because it on makes you weak internally.

We all have thing unique and different inside us. Yeah that’s hidden but this is also a challenge for all of us to find out that hidden thing inside us. Life is very adventurous, anything can happen here . So how to deal with all of these things, how to make the things in your favor?

The answer is never underestimate yourself, don’t ever forget that you all have some unique power which is your biggest weapon. Know yourself and face everything bravely . Don’t underestimate your power .

Remember one thing that you are Rare and unique enough and that’s all you need to face any trouble so never give up and don’t underestimate yourself.

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5 best effective things you should know to live.

Life is full of adventure and surprises. You don’t know what’s going to happen with you next. We just try to make our life better, easy and sweet. So this blog is all about to know what are the 5 best things know to live your life .

1. FUN – Having fun in your life whatever you do, it will make everything easy for you and you start living it. So always remember to have fun and keep going.

2. HAPPY – Be happy all the time, whatever condition comes just try to be happy, it will make you to live freely. It’s a little bit challenging because problems never ends but stress and tension not even gonna solve those for us, happiness also can’t solve your problem but at least makes your mind free and calm so that ideas comes to you and you can make through it. Be happy this is all we should do.

3. ENJOY – try to enjoy every moment, every second of your life. What you should remember is life is precious and we all have the only one so why making this sad and Boring. Just enjoy and enjoy.

4. LEARN – Learn from bad things as well as good things, learning lessons of life is also very essential to live. Every situation teaches you some lesson doesn’t matter if situation is easy or complicated.

5. BE PRACTICAL – This is life, anything can happen here. So be practical don’t get sad and accept the things . We all want many things in our lives but all the time you will get that it’s not possible and even not happen so keep moving forward and accept the things.

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Say thanks to your haters…..

We all are precious, we all are rare and unique. We all have dreams, and trying to follow our dreams that one day we will achieve it. But are you the only one on your path? This is a big question, are you alone in your way to chase down your dreams? In this blog I will give you the answer of this question so keep reading.

The answer is, NO. You are not alone following your dreams, your haters are right going with you. They always try to chase you down. Your haters follow your every single step. Now, again a big question why they people do so? Why your haters chase you?

They do all these things just to demotivate you. They want you to stop chasing your dreams, they will be there in your way till you don’t give up. Haters try to pull you down.

How to deal with haters? This is very easy and I am sharing this advice because I usually apply it on me all the time. The best way to treat with haters is to take them as a motivation. Every single word ,any activity whatever they do against you, keep motivating yourself. I always do that whenever someone tries to show me down I keep motivate myself inside. I motivate myself. Whenever you feel demotivated or low esteem than remember what your haters trying to do, they want you to give up but you have to go and go ahead.

When you chase down your dreams,success , a appreciable career than firstly thanks to your haters because they are the only one who were always there with you, right. They chased you everywhere, they keep motivated you so who else deserve to be thankful. So say thank you to your haters.

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