Let’s get sports..

When I talk about sports there is much and more to talk about it. Sport means a leadership, sportsmanship, companionship, skipper, team work, togetherness, and many more . Sports has no limits of fun, joy, entertainment, mental activeness, etc.

Sports means a lot to the people who loves it, it has different means to everyone and every nation. For some countries sport is like a religion, for some it’s a huge craze, for some it’s a reason of happiness and fun. Sport is itself an enormous world which consists many of sports which you guys can be taken as the countries of this new world. Spectator is everything in sports, without them any sport is incomplete.

Everyone has its own favourite sport as such cricket, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, track and field events and many more. Sports fan makes this field so interesting to follow, if I talk about me , I can talk about sports whole day and can watch it as well.

Sport is like a friend with benefits to all of us. Including yourself in any sports will never harm you, it will always give you something like physical fitness, mental fitness, leadership quality built in you, teaches you how to work as a team, makes you internally strong, gives you happiness and many .

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If not today than never.

Some day , one day, tomorrow, other day, next day all these days means some thing special to us right ! But, do these days come again , a big question you need to ask yourself.

For me I guess these all days will never come back again because if not Today than never is the perfect sentence to apply in our lives forever. It doesn’t mean that at all that I didn’t do this that not today, I will do it tomorrow or other day may be, yeah it happens to all of us but we all have to change this because to be with time is the perfect thing to do in the life.

For sometimes and for little work I usually forget to apply this rule but when the time passes rapidly than I just blame myself that why I do that all the time, not applying the important rule and always get in trouble so if you don’t want that trouble than don’t ever forget that of not today, than never!

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I had a dream,

I am in a Paradise.

Feeling myself complete.

No pain, no stress, no worry just me

Feel like my life change and enjoying my new world.

New world, new life and new soul,

New hopes , new nature and new friends .

Getting some moments out there,

Makes me surprised and mesmerized.

Asked myself why this is happening to me?

The answer I recieved was satisfying my soul,

Because it introduces me with me.

– Writen by Parul chauhan.

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New hopes give you new birth.

What happens when you don’t have any hope to live for? You feel like this is the end of your life, nothing to get. And we all don’t want it, we all want a happy life, real life and a successful life.

when you have hopes what happens to you than?

Hopes bring a new confidence to you and you work hard to achieve what you want to .

Hopes work as a motivator for you because when you have hopes you have target and when you have target than you want to achieve that target .

New hopes give you new birth because when you don’t have any way than you feel sad and don’t want to live but new hopes give you a new energy and power to live here happily.

When you have hopes than you become so excited and work freely all the day.

It happens to everyone at a time in this life where we feel we are hopeless, there is no any other way to go but that’s not true, just relax and wait , a new hope is ready to comes to you to give you new you.

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Children’s Mental health.

We all talk about mental health because we all know how important it is to take care of our mental health but the thing that is totally neglects is the mental health of children. We people just completely worry about our mental health and always think that like these are children what problem do they have ? They don’t have anything to worry about and enjoying themselves but is that true? Do children are free mentally? Do they don’t have any pressure on them? This blog is all about children’s mental health and how they also need a proper care .

Firstly, children’s can also suffer through mental problems if they are not properly concerned specially now a days. So always remember that not only adults can suffer but children also suffers. Now a days children mental health can effect so easily like if there is family problems that totally effect a child mental health, school pressure is also a top reason for many children mental health . Every little thing that is bit a hard can have a very bad impact on children mental as well as physical health.

To save children from mental health issues what a parents need to do is to take proper care of your children. Spend time with them so that they can share everything with you that what makes them worry and sad. Play games with your children so that they enjoy and have fun. If your child is sad about something than try to know the reason behind their sadness.

Schools do also have a big responsibility of children mental health. What schools need to do is to don’t force the children for studies and don’t push them to study and study. Make a familiar environment for children so that they can enjoy their study time. Also activites are the most important part of children mental health so indulge them in different different activities such sports, dance, music , singing, etc.

This is a motto of information world to stand for mental health awareness.

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Never underestimate yourself.

What most of the people do in their lives is they underestimate themselves. I don’t know why but most of the people do that. That’s very true life is very complicated and unpredictable it does not mean that we should give up. Giving up is not the solution of anything because it on makes you weak internally.

We all have thing unique and different inside us. Yeah that’s hidden but this is also a challenge for all of us to find out that hidden thing inside us. Life is very adventurous, anything can happen here . So how to deal with all of these things, how to make the things in your favor?

The answer is never underestimate yourself, don’t ever forget that you all have some unique power which is your biggest weapon. Know yourself and face everything bravely . Don’t underestimate your power .

Remember one thing that you are Rare and unique enough and that’s all you need to face any trouble so never give up and don’t underestimate yourself.

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Mental health awareness survey, please participate.

Mental health is a very serious issue to talk about. This is a survey by information world please participate .

What do you think mental health is taken very light by the people?

Share your way what do you do for your mental health in the comment section.

Do more mental health awareness campaign should start to aware the world’s population?

Please answer these question in comment section, your one answer will be helpful for mental health awareness campaign.

Come and join us.

Thank you

How to treat those who are suffering through mental illness?

We all must be aware about mental health and it’s importance. And more important is how to treat those people who are suffering through it. This blog is all about what kind of treatment and atmosphere should be given to the mentally ill patient.

1. Involve activity – Activities are very essential for mental and physical fitness. For those who are suffering through mental illness let them enjoy every moment of their life. Try to involve some exciting activities in their daily schedule so that they get the time to relax and calm their mind.

2. Confident environment – A motivational and a confident environment is an another factor that can be very helpful for mental illness patient. Try to create a confident environment around the patient so that a patient feel motivated and energetic.

3. Treat them in a normal way – Most of the time with mentally ill patient what people do is that they treat patient like they are having a very unique and untreated disease which make a patient more depressed. Don’t treat them like this way, treat a patient like he/she is normal and absolutely fine. So that patient feel happy and motivated. Don’t ever make a patient realize that they will never get better , it will probably make the conditions worse .

4. Nature is the best medicine – Nature is the best medicine for any problems. You may be take a patient for a walk, closure to nature gives them a relax and stress free environment. Which may be helpful for patient mental relief .

Any disease can be cure just what we all need to focused on is how to treat a patient and yeah for sure medical treatment is essential amd should be given at the right time.

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Symptoms of mental illness.

Mental illness is a very serious issue to talk about. Most of the population around the world is not aware of what is mental illness? Mental illness slowly slowly kills you inside and you even don’t know about it. This blog is about the symptoms of mental illness so that you can identify it at your early stage of mental illness . Keep reading friends.

1. Angerness- we all can be angry at any time and any situation but if you are very much short tempered than may be its not okay. If you are frustrated and angry onto the little little things than you need to check it out by a doctor. Anger is very harmful for the mental health, it makes your mental as well as physical health worse. You can do many things to calm yourself such as – yoga, meditation, music and dancing are some best way to relax and calm your mind.

2 . Wants to live alone – If you are a person who wants to live alone than good but if you are afraid of crowd and noises , people around you than it is a point to be focused on. Loneliness makes your mind to think over and over about an issue that your mind can’t handle. Over thinking is really very bad for the mental health.

3. Crying and screaming – If you are too emotional than may be your mind is suffering through mental illness. If you are a person who starts crying at any situation, whether it is sad, happy, normal, any condition than you should contact to the doctor. Crying and screaming all the time is not a good sign for your mental health. Remember one thing every drop of your tears is precious don’t waste them, be strong enough.

4. Bad dreams – We all have bad dreams for some days which is normal but constantly bad dreams that horrors you, scares you and make you awake at a middle of your sleep than it is a issue to think about. Remember if you mind is free and fit than you will definitely have a good and enough sleep.

What you really need to do when you feel you are suffering through mental illness immediately call to your health consultant and doctor. There are some natural ways also https://informationworldtoday.data.blog/2021/07/18/what-to-do-to-reduce-your-stress-level/that will help you to reduce your stress level.

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