Let’s make the things ‘ good for you ‘ .

You are sitting at a place, relaxing yourself, try to make your mind fresh and comfortable, suddenly some things means anything happens to you that you are not prepared for it than what to do? That’s exactly a point we always think about but never comes to any answer, which gives you internal satisfaction.

If any kind of thing happens to you than you have to always remember one thing that whatever is happening that is may be not in your control but you can make that situation, possibilities , conditions good for you.

Never comes to a decision to fast and never too slow just give some time to yourself to think about all the perspectives. Because sometimes may be you could miss the good thing for you and if you think that may be this is not good for you than don’t drop that immediately try to make it good for you and even then if it’s not working than you know better what to do

It also happens to me even many times and everytime I took my decisions immediately, that’s created many troubles for me then after I realise that I was wrong at my decision making but the good thing I did was I tried to make the things good for me. But this time everything has been changed for me again I got a situation , I gave a full time to myself to think about everything that why this is happening to me?, is this good for me? What should I do? Every question I asked my self and I got all the answers by myself and I made my decision and than I made the things good for me. And you know what friends this is working , now I am enjoying what I am doing and I am happy with my decision making.

Never be too fast and never too slow. Do it when the correct time comes.

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What a busy day do to you…

A question that never be raised and seems pretty interesting. Yeah! I am talking about the busy days, what the busy day brings and what it does to you. Busy day comes with the all messed up things in your life. Yeah that’s right when you get busy everything get worse and worse and what you trying to do is to just correct all those things. But that the busy day is all about, it is busy that means you don’t have enough time to complete that work or task, so what you people try to do is to do it more and more faster truly.

When it comes to me on the busy days thing than I seriously do not get the things right. I don’t know why but yeah than after I work hard and carefully and make it perfect and good for me so busy day also comes up with the relaxation at the end of the day where I get tired and just want to have a peaceful nap. I also learn a couple of lessons from my busy days thing because it always teaches me something.

What busy day comes up with?

Tiredness which is so true.

Relaxation at the end of the day.

Mess up that you never want but you always have.

Confusion all the time what to do and how to make it?

Short time, just finish the work.

These all factor comes to us and our lives , challenges us but be careful and than do you work or task properly. Stay mentally active and give a proper rest to the body.

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If not today than never.

Some day , one day, tomorrow, other day, next day all these days means some thing special to us right ! But, do these days come again , a big question you need to ask yourself.

For me I guess these all days will never come back again because if not Today than never is the perfect sentence to apply in our lives forever. It doesn’t mean that at all that I didn’t do this that not today, I will do it tomorrow or other day may be, yeah it happens to all of us but we all have to change this because to be with time is the perfect thing to do in the life.

For sometimes and for little work I usually forget to apply this rule but when the time passes rapidly than I just blame myself that why I do that all the time, not applying the important rule and always get in trouble so if you don’t want that trouble than don’t ever forget that of not today, than never!

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I had a dream,

I am in a Paradise.

Feeling myself complete.

No pain, no stress, no worry just me

Feel like my life change and enjoying my new world.

New world, new life and new soul,

New hopes , new nature and new friends .

Getting some moments out there,

Makes me surprised and mesmerized.

Asked myself why this is happening to me?

The answer I recieved was satisfying my soul,

Because it introduces me with me.

– Writen by Parul chauhan.

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New hopes give you new birth.

What happens when you don’t have any hope to live for? You feel like this is the end of your life, nothing to get. And we all don’t want it, we all want a happy life, real life and a successful life.

when you have hopes what happens to you than?

Hopes bring a new confidence to you and you work hard to achieve what you want to .

Hopes work as a motivator for you because when you have hopes you have target and when you have target than you want to achieve that target .

New hopes give you new birth because when you don’t have any way than you feel sad and don’t want to live but new hopes give you a new energy and power to live here happily.

When you have hopes than you become so excited and work freely all the day.

It happens to everyone at a time in this life where we feel we are hopeless, there is no any other way to go but that’s not true, just relax and wait , a new hope is ready to comes to you to give you new you.

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Children’s Mental health.

We all talk about mental health because we all know how important it is to take care of our mental health but the thing that is totally neglects is the mental health of children. We people just completely worry about our mental health and always think that like these are children what problem do they have ? They don’t have anything to worry about and enjoying themselves but is that true? Do children are free mentally? Do they don’t have any pressure on them? This blog is all about children’s mental health and how they also need a proper care .

Firstly, children’s can also suffer through mental problems if they are not properly concerned specially now a days. So always remember that not only adults can suffer but children also suffers. Now a days children mental health can effect so easily like if there is family problems that totally effect a child mental health, school pressure is also a top reason for many children mental health . Every little thing that is bit a hard can have a very bad impact on children mental as well as physical health.

To save children from mental health issues what a parents need to do is to take proper care of your children. Spend time with them so that they can share everything with you that what makes them worry and sad. Play games with your children so that they enjoy and have fun. If your child is sad about something than try to know the reason behind their sadness.

Schools do also have a big responsibility of children mental health. What schools need to do is to don’t force the children for studies and don’t push them to study and study. Make a familiar environment for children so that they can enjoy their study time. Also activites are the most important part of children mental health so indulge them in different different activities such sports, dance, music , singing, etc.

This is a motto of information world to stand for mental health awareness.

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Women power at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Olympics is a very big event. The whole world almost take part in this event. The Atheletes comes together at a single event from every corner of the world. Olympics is a very interesting event. An event which has so many sports . Women are making Tokyo Olympics more interesting and making their country proud.

Women Atheletes are very intentive and dedicated to their sports and bringing medals to their proud nation’s. Around the world every nation is proud of their women athletes. In fact, for some countries women Atheletes are bringing medals for their respective nation and men are still waiting for their medals.

Women Atheletes performance is very impressive and impactful. The women Atheletes who are bringing medals to their respective nations are setting an example to most of the young girls who wants to become an Athelete and having a dream to win medal for their country.

The whole world is proud of the women Atheletes. Women are showing their power in Tokyo Olympics . We all have respect for women Atheletes who are performing so well in Tokyo Olympics .

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Thank you Blog

I really wants to thank to each and every person who visit to information world and appreciate us.

A heartly thank you to every follower, reader, friends everyone thank you so much for supporting and appreciating us.

Keep supporting ! Thank you for such a great start up

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My this blog is all about sadness. Sadness don’t let you do anything, it makes you the worse person in the world, you seems yourself most useless person in your life. Sadness makes you mentally weak and you feel that you are not strong enough. Sadness let you down in your own perspective, it makes you stop and let you realize that you don’t have any way to go. Sadness has its own impact on everyone’s life.

Being sad, you being annoying, you being bad, you being weak . We all try to stay away from this sadness, but it catches us.

Pretend to be happy is not any solution of sadness.

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Sports journalism is a very interesting part of a journalism. Sports journalism include many sports such as football, basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis, badminton, golf and many more. A journalist who covers sports is known as sports journalist.

How to become a sports journalist – Sports journalism is something you can’t cover without having interest in sports. If you want to become a sports journalist than you should have a proper knowledge of Sports. If you interesting in sports than it becomes easy for you to cover sports side and you enjoy your profession.

Career as sports journalist – 1. You can start writing for various newspaper, magazine, websites in their column of sports news. 2. You can become sports anchor on various news channel. 3. You can start your own talk show on sports. 4. You can create your own YouTube channel where you can cover sports. Hence you can start you career in sports journalism through various platforms.

Future aspects of sports journalism – Sports is something that people are crazy about it. We all are interested in different different sport. Even the sports and sports player has a great fan following around the world. I wrote a blog on top 5 sports personality around the world. check it out https://informationworldtoday.data.blog/2021/06/26/worlds-top-5-sports-personality/ Hence if you are looking for sports journalism as your career than you should go for that. Sports journalist is a good choice as a career if you are interested in it.

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