Let’s get sports..

When I talk about sports there is much and more to talk about it. Sport means a leadership, sportsmanship, companionship, skipper, team work, togetherness, and many more . Sports has no limits of fun, joy, entertainment, mental activeness, etc.

Sports means a lot to the people who loves it, it has different means to everyone and every nation. For some countries sport is like a religion, for some it’s a huge craze, for some it’s a reason of happiness and fun. Sport is itself an enormous world which consists many of sports which you guys can be taken as the countries of this new world. Spectator is everything in sports, without them any sport is incomplete.

Everyone has its own favourite sport as such cricket, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, track and field events and many more. Sports fan makes this field so interesting to follow, if I talk about me , I can talk about sports whole day and can watch it as well.

Sport is like a friend with benefits to all of us. Including yourself in any sports will never harm you, it will always give you something like physical fitness, mental fitness, leadership quality built in you, teaches you how to work as a team, makes you internally strong, gives you happiness and many .

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Mental health awareness survey, please participate.

Mental health is a very serious issue to talk about. This is a survey by information world please participate .

What do you think mental health is taken very light by the people?

Share your way what do you do for your mental health in the comment section.

Do more mental health awareness campaign should start to aware the world’s population?

Please answer these question in comment section, your one answer will be helpful for mental health awareness campaign.

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Hyperness is the main reason that lead you towards mental illness .

We all are Human beings and stress, tension, problems are the parts of our Lives. Whenever we goes through a tough time or any problem often we get hyper. Hyperness leads you to take wrong decision in your life. Whenever you get hyper, your mind stops working and you feel that like someone is killing you inside which makes your mind weak and ill . This blog is all about hyperness and it’s effect .

What to do to protect yourself from hyper ness?

Hyperness comes when problems, tough time, stress comes to you so how to deal with this? To protect yourself from hyper ness, remember whenever any problem comes to you, you have to deal actively with that, just sit silent and relax for a moment, think about all the aspects of the situation than comes to a conclusion, this will help you to protect you from Hyperness.

Don’t overreact – Often it happens to us whenever we come to know any unexpected news, our mind just stop working, we react over. And that over react makes us feel like this a problem that don’t have any solution but that’s not true every problem has a solution if we want to. So , don’t over react at any situation because it makes your mind less active and more over reacted. And you all want to stay mentally strong.

Relax and enjoy – Whenever you feel that you are getting hyper than relax immediately and find a way to enjoy and feel calm. Listen music, do whatever makes you feel happy and calm.

Hyperness is something that we all take it very light in our lives, even we don’t have any idea that it may also be a reason for mental illness. Stay free from Hyperness and stay mentally fit and healthy.

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Is really online classes that effective?

It’s been a question since COVID 19 pandemic that online classes are really that effective on students or not. Due to corona virus it’s almost around two years that schools and colleges are completely closed. Students don’t get a good education because of corona virus. But online classes are the only and the last option for the student studies and their education. But are the online classes really effective in comparison to classroom face to face classes.

According to survey by information world, we observe that students really appreciate the last option for studies due to COVID but they seems less effective the online classes system in comparison to classroom face to face classes. Even that’s why many children don’t attend their online classes.

Reason why students choose classroom classes in comparison to online classes- According to information world survey, students mean that online classes don’t have that impact on them. It’s not easy to clear and understand the concepts what teacher teaches them. It’s get hard for students to concentrate on the classes. On the other hand , classroom classes don’t have all such an issue that students have to face.

What do teacher think about online classes and classroom classes?

According to teachers point of view, it’s also hard for teachers to clear the concepts to their students on online classes but it’s the only option now for the students so teachers do respect that option and they are totally dedicated to educate their students whether it’s online or classroom classes.

Online classes is the last option during corona virus and it’s better to have something instead of nothing. But, yes for students future it is very important to get the things and situation in control and the schools and colleges open again so the students get the good education again.

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Trust in yourself is the best way to stay mentally strong.

In our lives, we all want to stay mentally strong enough but it’s not possible all the time for us. Sometimes, some things let you mentally weak and down. We all get mentally weak at a certain stage of life, career worry, relationships, family problems, going through a tough time, these all worries let you mentally weak . This blog is all about what is the only way you can stay mentally strong?

The best way to stay mentally strong what you need most is the trust in yourself. If you trust yourself than you can face any problems and worries in your life. Trust is something which gives you power to do anything in your life and if you trust yourself than the positivity comes to you automatically and you feel so confident and strong.

Trust in yourself is the best way to stay mentally strong . Because mental health matters a lot and we all should care about our mental health.

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Thank you Blog

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A heartly thank you to every follower, reader, friends everyone thank you so much for supporting and appreciating us.

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What to do to reduce your stress level?

Stress, tension, anxiety, depression is the most harmful for our mental health. Mental health matters a lot and it should be the priority of each and every individual to take care of your mental health .

Stress is something that every individual is suffering from, we all have our own problems which leads us to have stress and tension. But it is important for us to stay relax and keep stress and tension away from us.

This blog is all about the best ways to reduce your stress level and stay relax and calm. Let’s discuss one by one –

1. Sports – if you are interested in sports than its an amazing way to reduce your stress level and relax all day. When you play any sport than your mind feel happy and you enjoy over there. So sports can be a great solution to reduce your stress level.

2. Music – listening music is best for your mental freshness and peace. Music takes you to the different world and you feel so relax and fresh. Listening music is the best way to reduce your stress and tension.

3. Dancing – if you are a dancer or if you love dancing than its easy for you to relax . Dancing gives you energy and you feel so confident and energetic hence your stress level reduces. So if you are a dancer than keep dancing and stay mentally fit.

4. Reading – Reading books is also a good way to reduce your stress and tension level. Reading is something you involve yourselves complete into it and you forget all your worries just involve in your book reading. Reading books is good for your mental freshness.

5. Workout – If you are a daily workout person than keep going it’s good for your mental health, it keeps stress and tension away from you. Working out not only keeps your body fit and fine it also keeps your mind healthy and active all day.

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My this blog is all about sadness. Sadness don’t let you do anything, it makes you the worse person in the world, you seems yourself most useless person in your life. Sadness makes you mentally weak and you feel that you are not strong enough. Sadness let you down in your own perspective, it makes you stop and let you realize that you don’t have any way to go. Sadness has its own impact on everyone’s life.

Being sad, you being annoying, you being bad, you being weak . We all try to stay away from this sadness, but it catches us.

Pretend to be happy is not any solution of sadness.

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